Feb 27, 2011

To All My Readers

To my beloved readers :

I'm really sorry for the long-time-without-new-post thing that i gave you every time you hit my blog. It have been 2 weeks yaww. I'm really busy. This semester made me gone crazy. My brain is going to burst anytime. Too much to do in too little time. Parasitology and Microbiology 3 drive me crazy. Too much to memorize, too hard to memorize. Korean drama also disturbing me. This is all my sister fault. Sapa suruh dia bagi aku byk drama korea. Blame her please. The drama make me feel uneasy every time I open my laptop. I feel like arggghh~!! nak abis kan jugak tengok drama ni! every time I want to do my assignment. So readers, forgive me and blame my sister.

Nur Atiqah

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