Feb 19, 2010

Sarang handa-myon

ok, bg mereka yg x paham lagu kt blog aq ni, sume org ta faham kot
aq da cari mksud nye..
hehehe.. xD

If We Are in Love (Sarang handa-myon)

If you are in love
Please secretly be single
You can give me this responsibility
I already have another person in my heart
There is no way you can win
There is no where for you to live
Even in the corner of my heart
So here my advice to you:
Leave from me today
No matter how hard it may be
Don't love me like a fool 

Everyday I dream
Because my life is for sale
I want to have you
Always being out of sync is my destiny
Please go and get out of the way
The person whom I love
That person clearly is not you 

I know
I can see the sadness in this path
But I can't do it
I can't take that from you 

* Repeat

*aq ta paham sangat nih..
kejam betol lirik die..
mungkin aq akan paham bile 
tgk cite ni..ptptn..bile ko nk kluar!

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